Key Benefits

No limits
My main concern with transferring files is the need for speed. Infinit blows everything else out of the water, and with a simple and fast interface, it's a no brainer. My videos fly like never before.

Fernando Gayesky, Cinematographer

Infinit for the video industry

Whether you’re a director of photography, a video editor, a post-production specialist or production manager, receiving and sending large video files is a significant part of your job.

Existing cloud-based file upload solutions such as YouSendIt (Hightail), WeTransfer etc. are just too constraining because of their file size limitations, the unavoidable transfer cancellations should you be disconnected from the Internet or the blatant lack of security since your files sit on the cloud unprotected.


  • tackle massive files from 2GB to more than 100GB
  • shoot off b-rolls, cuts and final edits simultaneously
  • juggle multiple points, directors, agencies, producers and media teams
Within my team, we share large video files with each other through Infinit on a daily basis. It's quick, efficient, and gets the job done without the hassle of opening emails and making sure attachments are small enough to send. It allows us to work creatively without limitations, and seamlessly share files with each other straight from our desktops.

Zak Moy, Designer @ Vayner Media

Send your large video files without constraints

Infinit makes your life so much simpler, whether you want to upload photo, upload music or send your video files and entire folders with just one click.

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no limits
2 GB
1 GB
50 MB
25 MB

Upload video as fast as your Internet connection allows

Send your large video files at twice the speed you’re used to thanks to Infinit’s next generation point-to-point file transfer technology. Oh, and it goes even faster if you are in the same Wi-Fi network.

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  • 5 mins 29 secs
  • 12 mins 08 secs
  • 13 mins 40 secs
  • 14 mins 14 secs
  • 15 mins 48 secs

Infinit guarantees that your videos will be delivered no matter what happens

Send your video files and get back to work.

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If you lose your Internet connection, your transfers will be:

paused and resumed
paused only on upload

Secure video file sharing

Infinit’s end-to-end encryption algorithm ensures that nobody, not even Infinit’s employees, can access the files you transfer.

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Point to point encryption schema
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