Company History

Infinit is a file storage and sharing company created in 2012 by two Frenchmen, Julien Quintard and Baptiste Fradin, with the vision of combining technology and design to allow anyone to send any file (photos, videos or else), of any size, to anyone, on any device.

Infinit graduated from the second season of Le Camping’s accelerator program in Paris. Soon after, its technology was recognised as highly innovative by various grant programs and innovation competitions such as the Qualcomm QPrize, System@tic and the French National Innovation Contest from which Infinit emerged as laureate in 2013.

In 2014, Infinit was accepted to the Techstars accelerator program in New York City. Shortly thereafter, Infinit received $1.8M in funding from Alven Capital and 360 Capital Partners.

Product Review

Infinit is a file transfer application based on a point-to-point technology that connects both the sender’s and recipient’s computer directly. This deviates from cloud-based services like WeTransfer, YouSendIt (Hightail) and Dropbox that rely on a two-phase process through which the files must first be uploaded to the cloud before they can be downloaded by a recipient.

The technology, originating from Julien Quintard’s PhD at the University of Cambridge, allows for transfers to be at least twice as fast, and up to 30 times faster, than cloud-based file sharing services. By bypassing the cloud altogether, data takes the shortest path between the sender’s and the recipient’s computing devices. As a result, the files are not stored on the cloud, and because Infinit relies on an end-to-end encryption mechanism, transfers are completely private such that only the sender and recipient can access the data. Infinit is built so that no one including Infinit’s employees, the NSA or any other third party can have access to privately transferred data.

Additionally, Infinit’s smart engine is able to detect when a user shuts down his or her computer, kills the mobile application or simply disconnects from the Internet. Rather than canceling transfers as other services do, Infinit just pauses and resumes them automatically when the user comes back online.

The product also benefits from an intuitive user experience allowing anyone to send any file or folder, of any size in just a matter of seconds through a single drag & drop on desktop and just a few taps on mobile. Infinit completely removes the friction from selecting a tool that only support certain file formats or imposes arbitrary file size limits on the data you wish to send.


Infinit is being used by hundred of thousands of users throughout the world along with several hundred businesses operating in various creative industries such as gaming, advertising, film, music and more.

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