File Upload With Infinit

Upload files directly from your desktop

Upload your files to the web

Custom Branding

Link Branding

File uploads appear on branded webpages

Infinit Professional accounts for options to customize the download experience for your recipients from your profile page. Upload a file as you normally would, and Infinit takes care of the rest. The webpage URL show the file on your own domain, wheter it's a mp3, PSD, audio or video file. You can also add a logo and a background image to the page.

Screenshot sharing

Full Screenshot

Full Screenshot

Area Screenshot

Area Screenshot

Capture your screen and upload the file with one shortcut

Not only can you start a file upload via a drag and drop, but by using Infinit’s keyboard shortcuts, you can take a screenshot, upload your images and get a link in less than a second. Once the link to the file upload has been generated, like all Infinit links, you can share them where you’d like.