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How to install Infinit on Ubuntu or Debian

Infinit on GNU/Linux is still in its early phase. It comes as a .deb file but is not yet fully compliant with Ubuntu standards and can't be installed via the software manager. To install infinit, from a terminal, run: sudo dpkg -i infinit_0.9.39_amd64.deb on an Ubuntu or Debian distribution.

If it does not work, please refer to the next section 'How to install Infinit on another distribution' which provides a way to install Infinit that should work everywhere.

How to install Infinit on another distribution

On another distribution, you will need to install dpkg on your computer and run: sudo dpkg -x infinit_0.9.39_amd64.deb /. Infinit will then be installed in /opt/infinit and you will be able to start it by running /opt/infinit/bin/Infinit from a terminal - not as root this time.

Note: you will need to download and install manually newer Infinit versions when they are released by following this procedure.

We plan on providing a Debian/Ubuntu repository in the upcoming months to ease the installation and update process, this pre-release is intended for user comfortable with GNU/Linux advanced usage.